Our Process

You’ve gone to your local and favorite pharmacy. That bug bite on your arm hasn’t gone away after 3 days so you’re on the hunt for the one medicine you know is going to do the job. Or will it? As consumers we are inundated with new health products on a nearly daily basis. So how do we know which to choose?

The team behind the Dula Gold brand made all of our decisions with the consumer in mind.  Being consumers ourselves, and all of us from various use backgrounds, we used our purchasing and medication use experiences to help develop the products.

In the beginning stages of forming Dula Gold, L.L.C. we knew our products had to be outstanding in every way. We questioned ourselves by asking what would make our products stand out against the competition. Today’s markets are jam packed with products that make the same claims. They heal quicker. The ingredients and chemical compound are organic.

The Lab Shop

Months and months of research were done to find the right combination of  laboratory and chemist to bring our products to life. Our first meeting lasted for hours as we unveiled our goals and the product line we were hoping to distinguish from the rest of the commercial market. In order to protect our products and the identity of our chemist, we are unable to provide their identities to the public of course.  Based on our chemists’ extensive work for his laboratory and his helpful assistance through the long list of requirements by the FDA, we knew we had the right person  for the job!

The Time Line

What the general public may not understand about such a task, is the length of time it takes to make a product.  A formula being developed from scratch may take years for completion, and this includes full testing for the chemical compound, the products’ use, and safety levels for the consumer.  And this is simply in regards to one medicinal product. There are literally millions of products in the development stage at any given time. One of our products took approximately 1100 hours to formulate.

Each step of the development process requires our chemist to review and comply with any and all FDA regulations. During the course of normal business these regulations are subject to change from various industries. Because our products use natural and chemical elements, our chemist has had to make the appropriate adjustments along the way.  Our goal has always been to create strong products with the highest level of materials for consumers, but without the need for a prescription from a doctor.

Our current product line of 3 items now sits with the FDA for their approval process. While some products must go through this process, not all do.  But from a consumer stand point we realized in order for our products to be sold on the retail market, consumers would recognize the FDA establishment as the final authority on their legitimacy. And when a consumer intends to spend their hard-earned money on any product, having the recognition of the FDA may bring them some peace of mind.

As each step in the process moves forward, we have worked diligently to secure our patents and copyright for the Dula Gold company.

2020 Timeline

January, 2020 – In December, 2019 we increased our product portfolio by creating and including shampoo and conditioner formulas. They are currently being processed through the FDA, which has extended our final approval timeline.

2019 Timeline

October, 2019 – With very positive results in the initial testing phase, and at the suggestion of a test participant, we have decided to expand our product line with a shampoo and conditioner set. Formulation of these 2 new products is in the works!!

September, 2019 – It’s time! Our first sample products have been received and will be handed to select individuals for their trial use. We continue to wade our way through the pharmaceutical company search that will pick up our product line for mass production and finalized testing once the FDA has finalized the approval process.

February, 2019 – Our products continue to be processed through the Food and Drug Administrations’ approval regiment. Due to the government shut down in December, 2018, applications continue to be in a holding pattern. We will update with more information as it’s made available to us!

Pharmaceutical Backing

Along with the FDA’s final approval of our products comes the support and backing of a pharmaceutical company to help us furnish the products with the proper branding.