Mission Statement

To combine strategic marketing with quality products and at competitive prices to provide the best value for consumers in the realm of non-prescription healing aids.


We specialize in healing aid products based on Calendula from the Marigold plant that can be sold in retail markets, without the need of a medical prescription. It is our goal to extend the use of our products to numerous industries such as veterinary science, and home health care specialists. Making Dula Gold a household name will enable us to further educate our customer base on the natural properties of the Marigold plant.

The Keys To Our Success

We believe even in today’s saturated markets for healing materials, our products will stand out as leaders in the non-prescription realm.  Each product was developed using the latest laboratory technology, and strictly with consumers in mind.  None of our products use a ‘watered down’ base in which the company strives to protect it’s bottom line, rather than provide quality products to the public.  We believe our foundation strong to accomplish excellence in our products as well as saving consumers time, energy and money.  Formulas using the highest legal standard level without the need for a prescription, push our product line to the forefront in consumer purchasing power.